NEWD Art Show will return to The 1896 from June 5 – 7, 2015 and will once again take place during Bushwick Open Studios. The second edition of NEWD will feature a selection of 11 exhibitors comprised of artist collectives, project spaces, non-profits and artist-run galleries, 5 of which will be exhibiting at NEWD for the first time.


Furthering its artist-centric mission to serve as a counterpoint to the existing fair model, NEWD continues to seek out alternative modes of market engagement in its efforts to create a space that supports artists and promotes their interests. The 2015 edition will highlight a number of critical issues related to the art market—such as the rise in speculative art buying and the disproportionate gallery underrepresentation of female artists—by giving focus to artist-curated initiatives and collaborative projects.  


In discussing the return of NEWD, directors and co-founders Kibum Kim and Kate Bryan commented, “This year’s iteration continues and amplifies NEWD’s objective of interrogating the art market, especially given that over half of the exhibiting artists are female,” Kim and Bryan noted. “We find the programming to be an indication of the strength of the NEWD model in its allowance for a kind of experimentation and risk-taking that may not be possible in other, more commercialized settings.”


The fair will be complemented by a series of content-driven and artist-focused talks, which will run throughout the weekend. Additionally, artist Corey Escoto has been commissioned to create a site-specific installation, which will be displayed in the courtyard.