NEWD Art Show Shines a Light On Bushwick

If you hit up only one event in the neighborhood this weekend, make it the NEWD Art Show, an expertly curated and concise presentation by nine exhibitors who’ve set up shop at 592 Johnson Avenue. 

NEWD Art Fair Set to Open During 2014 Bushwick Open Studios

This year, NEWD Art Show is certainly going to factor into people’s perceptions of Bushwick’s art community. If the fair financially succeeds, it will mark a turning point for a neighborhood...

Brooklyn Gets a NEWD Art Fair, But It's Not What It Sounds Like

And, like any emerging art fair, NEWD has enlisted a promising roster of project spaces, artist-run galleries, and straight-up commercial galleries, all of them hailing from Brooklyn, and most of them based in Bushwick. 

Is It Time For Artist Resale Royalties?

In terms of encouragement from Level Rights, we believe that the first hurdle is overcome just by providing a well designed system that simplifies the process of creation and management of resale rights,’’ she continued. “We also have experienced that our approach– which is very much about negotiation and collaboration between the artist and the collector — has its own appeal to collectors.

Why Everyone Gets a Piece in Today's Art World

Why “NEWD”? Apparently it’s not an acronym. You must dub your fair with some moniker, and this nonce name does well at suggesting something new, unostentatious, nerdy, comic, contrarily literate and racy.



What Makes NEWD Art Show Special?

"If Bushwick Open Studios shows that there is a bounty of new work being produced and even more people who want to see it, NEWD proves that there is a willingness to create an infrastructure around it that allows it to continue."

Bushwick’s Inaugural NEWD Art Show Names Exhibitors

NEWD aims to be a “counterpoint to the existing art fair model” and with just eight participants, the intimate scale will certainly work toward fulfilling that goal. 

This Week’s Must-See Art Events: Art About Time, and Bushwick Open Studios

Normally we wouldn’t list a satellite fair during Bushwick Open Studios, but with its plan for artist resale royalties contracts and its involvement of Brooklyn-based artist-centric exhibitors (including Regina Rex, American Medium, Residency Unlimited and Theodore Art), the NEWD show offers plenty of good reasons to plan a stop.

NEWD Art Show

Coinciding with Bushwick Open Studios, the NEWD Art Show kicked off its inaugural edition in a 7,000 square foot warehouse on Johnson Avenue with a preview party catered by local hotspot Roberta’s. A mix of Brooklyn artist collectives, project spaces, nonprofits, and artist-run and commercial galleries offered work in a variety of media by emerging artists.

Three Reviews of Three Bushwick Shows

I liked doing the basic reportage, but for once, the business of the fair seemed less essential than the art on view. I can’t remember the last fair I went to where that was the case. It was a relief.

Your Concise Guide to the 2014 Bushwick Open Studios

The inaugural edition of NEWD, the neighborhood’s second art fair (lest we forget the short-lived Bushwick Basel) will fill a 7,000 square foot warehouse space during Bushwick Open Studios. 

Art Observed

Offering an excellent and varied selection of works, including a group of industrial sculptures and wall mounted works at SIGNAL Gallery, and a selection of works by Jon Rafman and Brenna Murphy at Bed-Stuy’s American Medium, offered a tightly-curated and essentialist perspective to young artists practicing today. 


NEWD will feature a tightly edited roster of 36 participants—area non-profits, galleries, artist collectives, and project spaces—whose work promotes new art initiatives and, taken together, demonstrates innovative methods for supporting artists that would otherwise be under the radar.


NEWD is working with Level Rights, an organization that created and manages Negotiated Resale Rights (NRRs): contracts ensuring that artists and galleries receive a portion of resale royalties. If it catches on, this could set a historic trend.

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Thoughts on the Present and Future of Bushwick Open Studios

This year the Newd Art Show really added another dimension to the weekend, since it highlighted some of the many strong galleries in the neighborhood and brought in a few others from surrounding areas to create a hub for the commercial face of the area’s art scene.