Saturday, June 6

2pm – Sort of Cyborg
Organized by American Medium

Join Daniel Wallace and Joshua Pavlacky (co-directors, American Medium) for an open conversation with Chrissie Iles (Anne and Joel Ehrenkranz Curator, Whitney Museum of American Art ), Ann Hirsch ( Artist) and Jacolby Satterwhite (Artist), about the presentation of the self by way of new media, and the inverse -the anthropomorphism of technology.

3:30pm – Market is the Medium – ‘Making It’ in the NYC Art World
Organized by POWarts

This panel, organized by POWarts, will explore ways market tools can be used creatively to form economic structures that make art work possible. Join artist Caroline Wollard (Co-founder, BFAMFAPhD), Magda Sawon (Founder, Postmasters Gallery), Sarah Van Anden (Program Specialist, Department of Cultural Affairs), and a representative from Goldman Sachs Urban Investment group, which helps artists and arts organizations gain access to significant investment capital through tax- credit and other funding structures.


Sunday, June 7

2:30pm –  Gendered Expectations: The Representation of "Girls" in Contemporary Art

Artists Alex McQuilkin and Cindy Hinant join curator and art historian Kathy Battista to speak about art that deals with "girly" aesthetics. From makeup to celebrity culture, these artists mine “girly” motifs—often ignored or dismissed as flippant and unserious by the art world—to explore issues of gendered expectations and pressures women face through representations of women in the media and culture at large.

4:30pm – Beyond Resale Royalties – Pro-Artist Market Maneuvers

Featuring artist Sarah Meyohas, Neal Curley (Essex Street Gallery), and Kenneth Schlenker (Co-founder, Artlist), this panel will address the role of the artist as value producer at a time when the financializtion of the art world is increasingly pronounced. With each panelists involved in projects that allow for artists to benefit from the price appreciation of their work, the conversation will center around artists’ relationship to the market, speculation and resale royalties.